Kimball eV Parts

eV Parts are a group of 350+ standardized parts that save time and money in construction of all types of surface physics and high vacuum apparatus. eV Parts are made of high quality materials and designed for maximum flexibility. Parts are manufactured to standard dimensions with high tolerances and may be used to modify or add to existing commercial high vacuum apparatus with little effort. Ordinary hand tools are the only additional tools needed to use eV Parts. For permanent applications, a laboratory spot-welder may be used. eV Parts come in standard packages where QTY/PKG varies by product type.



eV Parts may be used to build rigid, self-supporting, and dimensionally stable assemblies. eV Parts are self-aligning by virtue of their mounting holes and remain locked in place even over extended bakeouts. Parts are assembled on centerless-ground ceramic rods and secured using any of a variety of fasteners. Parts fit reliably and make the accurate alignment of lenses, slits, and apertures straight-forward. Assemblies may be disassembled quickly for modification, salvage, or cleaning. Permanent assemblies can be spot-welded.


Balls, Stainless Steel Model #: SS-BA

Brackets, Stainless steel  Model #: SS-BR

Clamping Plate Assemblies  Model #: SS-CPA

Compression Springs  Model #: W-CS

Cylinders, Stainless Steel  Model #: SS-CY

Element Clamps, Stainless Steel  Model #: SS-EC

Insulating Balls  Model #: AL2O3-BA; Model #: Saph-BA


Insulator Protectors, Stainless Steel  Model #: SS-IP

Lock Rings Model #: CuBe-LR-C ; Model #: SS-LR-C

Machine Nuts Model #: Mo-MN-0-80; SS-MN-0-80

Machine Screws, Stainless Steel Model #: SS-MS-0-80/125; SS-MS-0-80/250

Rectangular Plates, Stainless Steel  Model #: SS-PL

Rod, Alumina Model #: AL2O3-RO

Rod, Stainless Steel Model #: SS-RO

Round Plates (cylinder caps) Model #: SS-RP

Screw Clamp Assemblies Model #: SS-SCA-C

Screw Clamps, Stainless Steel  Model #: SS-SC

Sheet Stock, Stainless Steel  Model #: SS-SH

Spacers Model #: AL2O3-SP-B; AL2O3-SP-C

Threaded Rod Model #: Mo-TR-0-80-6000; SS-TR-0-80-12000

Triplenuts, Molybdenum Model #: Mo-TN

Tubing, Alumina  Model #: AL2O3-TU-B; AL2O3-TU-C

Wire Rings, Stainless Steel  Model #: SS-WR

Wire Stock  Model #: Mo-WI; SS-WI; Ta-WI; W-WI

Wirenuts, Molybdenum Model #: Mo-WN

Wound Wire, Stainless Steel  Model #: SS-WW-B; SS-WW-C






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