OLIS 14F UV/Vis/NIR 荧光光谱仪

A multiple purpose dual beam spectrophotometer useful for absorbance and fluorescence measurements in the UV, Visible, and NIR regions. True dual beam absorbance acquisition with prism + grating F/8 monochromator using photomultiplier tubes throughout UV/Vis region and PbS detector throughout NIR. Scanning excitation and emission measurements are supported. Fluorescence detection is with a sensitive photon counting device in the UV/Vis and a TE-cooled InGaAs in the NIR.

  • Characterization of nanoparticles, Quantum dots, & Semiconductors
  • High resolution UV/Vis/NIR absorbance & fluorescence
  • Scanning Excitation-Emission Matrices
  • Characterization of filters, coatings, and optical components


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