Ambrell公司的纳米颗粒加热研究系统可满足您的研究功率和频率需求,可提供从1 kW到10 kW的准确可调功率级别,以及从150kHz到400kHz的可配置频率范围,可以实现高达125 kA / m的核心场强。

纳米粒子加热Nanoparticle Heating (2014 Girish Dahake PhD., Ambrell, an Ameritherm Co.)
磁热疗有效清除肿瘤干细胞Effective Elimination of Cancer Stem Cells by Magnetic Hyperthermia (2013 Sadhukha, Niu, Wiedmann and Panyam; Molecular Pharmaceutics)
可吸入磁性纳米颗粒在肺癌靶向热疗中的应用Inhalable magnetic nanoparticles for targeted hyperthermia in lung cancer therapy (2013 Sadhukha, Wiedmann and Panyam; Biomaterials)
磁性粒子薄膜用于复合材料居里温度控制加工的可行性Feasibility of Magnetic Particle Films for Curie Temperature-Controlled Processing of Composite Materials (2001 Wetzel, Fink; Army Research Laboratory)
感应加热薄膜键合过程中的热效应Adherend Thermal Effects During Bonding With Inductively Heated Films (2001 Wetzel, Fink; Army Research Laboratory)
复合材料修补用胶粘剂的感应固化Induction cure of adhesives for composite repair applications (James M. Sands; Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD)
相增韧胶粘剂的诱导固化Induction curing of a phase toughened adhesive (2003 Christian J. Yungwirth, et. al.; Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD)
磁性纳米粒子的远程触发释放Remotely triggered release from magnetic nanoparticles
磁性多孔硅光子晶体对离散液滴的局部加热Local heating of discrete droplets using magnetic porous silicon based photonic crystals (2006 Ji-Ho Park et. al.; Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego)
感应加热快速合成碳纳米管Rapid synthesis of carbon nanotubes via inductive heating (2006 Sosnowchika and Lin; University of California at Berkeley)
瘤内氧化铁纳米粒热疗Intratumoral iron oxide nanoparticle hyperthermia (2007 Hoopes, P.J., et. al., Dartmouth)
新型气相缩合法制备棱柱状纳米氧化锌及其表征Synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanoparticles having prism shape by novel gas condensation process (2008 Chang,Tsai;Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology)
用于医疗器械磁驱动的感应加热形状记忆聚合物Inductively heated shape memory polymer for the magnetic actuation of medical devices (2006 Patrick R. Buckley et. al,; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Livermore, CA)
石墨受热器Graphite Susceptor
癌症研究用小瓶加热溶液Heating solutions in vials for cancer research
高温磁化铁氧体在高温中的应用Heating magnetic iron oxide in water for hyperthermia application
加热纳米颗粒用于癌症研究Heating nano particles for cancer research
砷化镓晶圆的研制Producing a gallium arsenide wafer
生物功能化磁涡流微盘靶向杀伤癌细胞Biofunctionalized magnetic-vortex microdiscs for targeted cancer-cell destruction Dong-Hyun Kim et. al.

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